Thursday, October 8, 2009

Landscape of Calm with ancient features Top of the Tor

Top of the morning, Top of the tor. Peter commented how calm it was for us here. This map reflects various levels of vision here. Notice the light blue arms coming into the tor from the west. Thats the level of the waters in the olden times. The yellow and the shapes reflect the astrological signs of Glastonbury and then of course there are the energy and ley lines that intersect and balance in the area that are of interest to those who honor the dragon energy of the spirit of this ancient archipeligo, that gives the energy to the land, the living Mother earth and all of us earth centered and living tree connected folks. While I was walking the tor, I invited a man who was local to join us, men and woman as we made the druidic pledge with had over hearts in a circle of hearts. The same guy walked by me at our B and B a while later on Bere Lane as I was photographing our lodging place. As our friend Mr Jung would remind us "notice the synchronicity" and I would add "breathe"!

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