Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tom Weaver and David Currer Faribault Rotary Men from the tor

Here are the two men from Faribault Minnesota, connecting after some years. We made the journey to Glastonbury to join my MKP Elder brothers and their female spouses and to be led by author Peter Knight, whom this author met in Avebury. For me, this provided closure-completion on a variety of levels. THanks David for your kind connection and support on this journey. Well done! as I have learned to say in the local English dialect. We did reflect on the bovine aroma that beckons us back to our childhoods in farm country in rural Southern Minnesota. Yah sure you betcha. David has a lot of family in the UK as his mum is a native and he has cousins still around the area and relatives through his partner, Bryan. More celebrations of the tree of life!

Here is a photo from our Faribault High School yearbook in 1965 with the author and David included. Grateful for the long term connections!

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