Monday, October 5, 2009

Avebury Standing Stones with Author Peter Knight and Druidic practioner John

MKP LKS UK man Steve Cooper on the right here introduces our guides for the day at Avebury, one of the Ley Line power centers we stepped into on the green land of western UK. Peter on the left in the tan outfit just published The Wessex Astrum, Sacred Geometry in a Mystical Landscape with Toni Perrott in 2008 which summarizes his last three years of work, lining up many of the sites on the ley lines. For me the star dance I participated in Arizona with Rainbow Hawk and Wind Eagle of the Ehama Foundation is a great connection of how to create balance on the world by doing our own inner world while being in harmony and a reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth. We walked the St Michael and St Mary ley lines with Peter as he demonstrated the energy flow with his dowsing rods and connecting with the individual rock nation relatives and the ceremonies likely done by my ancestors around Gloucestershire, much in the same connecting way I have experienced in the sundance with the tree of life in the center of Turtle Island. Peace, love and joy! Breathing into the gentle green energy of the Isles of the Angles and the Saxons!

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