Friday, October 9, 2009

Elder Burl Patterns of Beauty - Hundreds of years of living

This burl pattern in the moist envirnoment of the Ancient Grove shows the grains of reddish brown and the ancient beauty I feel in this old one. I sense a deep strength in this elder much as the elders in a large circle provide the strength and support for a community of humans. I am still breathing into the learnings of having been led to these old ones as part of my pilgrimage to the UK and the land of my ancestors. Grateful for the depth of my family tree. Deep roots and experienced branches provide a lot of lines of sap for nurturing my growing connections to loved ones who walk in our earth mother. I also appreciate more deeply the energy of the eagle on this land, and the times for understanding the spread eagle beauties of life as well. Peace, joy love and beauty on the beauty way of happiness.

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