Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sloe "blackthorn" fruits, Prunus spinosa, in Ohso Leela Hedge

I rather enjoyed the puckering energy of this fruit as I passed to and from the manor house where we ate and slept to the tent where our WEG events were held. I had often heard of this fruit from the "sloe gin" in the past in some of those in the states who are alcoholically obcessed about hard liquor. According to Wikipaedia "In rural Britain so-called sloe gin is made from them, though this is not a true gin but an infusion of vodka, gin, or neutral spirits with the fruit to produce a liqueur. " I remember it being very sweet and an easy drunk, back in the day. And I do fancy fruits that can pucker a bit! Sour and bitter with the sweet!

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