Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Manor House Osha Leela Shaun Chamberlin author of The Transition Timeline

One of the themes for our WEG is putting the auto and oil addictions of western society into perspective. Carrying on from Satish Kumar's invitation to welcome challenges with love, not fear, here is a dynamic young man, walking to our WEG tent to share his experience strength and hope, encouraging me in autographing my copy of "The Transition Timeline, for a local, resilient future", Green Books, "Dear Tom, I hope you find this book exciting and inspiring. Keep doing what makes you come alive".
Like one of my earlier mentors in the 1980's, to be conscious of what I need to do, to take care of myself, ch0osing to live, which is much more than choosing not to die! This seems to be an important map for building community as we leave the oil and create community as a response to peak oil and global warming challenges based in good science and wise community building. May we support each other in creating sober sane communities in the eco-logical paradigm in the 21st Century!

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