Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BMW Z4 David Currer to Stourhead Gardens with verdant greens

Here I am next to Davids BMW in the Osho Leela Parking Lot. I was wondering how I would fit in this sports car and I was amazed that my legs had ample room. Very smooth handling on the British roads. Felt very secure having David's smooth driving ability and was introduced to his tomtom GPS programmable friend that helped to navigate short routes that I could follow on my map.

David's photo of me walking toward the first Spread Eagle establishment we saw. After our walk around the lake, we stoped back in this complex for ice cream. Cheers!

Here is the lake at Stourhead I remember briefly visiting some 26 years ago with Susan and Nate. This time David Currer and I walked around the lake where many trees were doing very well from habitats around the world.

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