Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Avebury Portal of Stones 98 and 1 - Astrum Line to Stonehenge

Here, between these two stones Peter demonstrated with his dowsing rod, the Mary and Michael energy lines he called the Astrum lines that reflect the hexagons and this the connection to the star nation. The stones are megaliths that likely were raised as part of ongoing ceremonies by the local people as a ceremonial landscape over several hundreds of years. Some 200 megaliths were raised dating from 2,700 to 2,200 BC and appear as an open art gallery, horses, human like heads, horses, vulva cavities, phalleses (p133 The Wessex Antrum, Knight and Perrott) inviting us into the world of the prehistoric shaman. Peter described Stonehenge, which he finds less soft and appealing to the earth centered folks like me: Stonehenge "...is engineered, the stones are cut and crafted, the monument seeps masculine science and engineering. At Avebury, the stones are uncut; it is a shamanic landscape. One can study Stonehenge without imagination, whereas at Avebury our imagination is an essential requirement."
Indeed, uncut, now has another important meaning in my life. :-)

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