Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cutting Oak Logs Pelican Lake Preparing for Splitting

Quite a change in weather for me, having just arrived back from the UK, with mist, and rain and very green conditions with the old ones, the yew tree nation of hundreds if not thousands of years on the green isles. Here back on Turtle Island, AKA N America, we already had a light dusting of snow that can be seen between the leaves here. Jess and Amy, were looking in the big garage, as I was trying to start the saw. I took time to BREATHE into my gut...hara, and decided to go with them to sort what might be useful for Jesse and Amy in their lives in St Cloud. Fun to continue the sorting and letting go of things that no longer serve my journey, and give some to the next generation. Sharing the garage allowed me to share the stories of this land that our family has stewarded since 1967. Now "owned" by Jim and Melanie, the garage, that I had built in 1982 in memory of Paul Henry Weaver, died in January 1982 in Brainerd, I built to honor his love for this beautiful part of the planet and hopefully to serve as an educational center. While sorting through shelves, books, and other tools to support future life, I mentioned to Jess and Amy that I had a dream of creating an environmental teaching center here AND that the years of having an initi, sweat lodge frame here on the land, really was a part of that dream fullfilled and that I am grateful that he could be part of and witness that tradition here on this land and also in South Dakota. I still see the spirits of Peg Weaver and Theresa Blackbear who met and prayed together on this land, and I am moved to create communities of resilence to carry on their teachings in a good way. I look forward to seeing our that manifests during the transition time from petroleum dependence.

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