Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ben and Shawn Ecoactivists with a good heart with MKP Founder-Visionary Bill Kauth

One of the workshops included an intro by Bill Kauth, right, who introduced Ben and Shawn who described their involvement in Transition Towns in the UK. They encourage us to envision our communities of bicycle distances, where we can live a gift culture of sustainabliity where we need each other. These two men and along with one of the woman presenting in London described some of the communities who have printed their own money. Shawn's website, www.darkoptimism.org. For me, it is hopeful to be with men who have done their inner emotional work to set boundaries that we are creating nurturing communities, not social service agencies. A basic premise, is that energy allows us to do work, and that there are 4 scenarios to energy self sufficiency that are given 1)business as usual, 2) hopenessness and doom 3) a techno- fix - space odyssey and 4) the only sober one, is to create communities that know how to live in balance with less dependence on oil for energy. Thanks men for your vision and Shawn for mirroring in his autographing in my book "Dear Tom, I hope you find the book exciting and inspiring. Keep doing what makes you come alive" xShawn

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