Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stonehenge from the road by Amesbury

Many folks think first of Stonehenge when we think of the henges or stone circles of Britain. When listening to Peter describe energetically how the energies of the stones relate, he mentioned that this is a cut group of stones and energetically is more controlling and less right brained than those at Avebury. (Enough already of the controlling terror driven male God idea I say dear!) For me, driving with David to find the ancient yews that we did find in Kingley Vale was a manifestation of my dream and connection to this land and it has been important to deselect to support myself energetically as well. THanks for the support to follow my dream as a quest to understand the dreams of others. As I saw trusting my process to the Sussex, and found more peace in the uncut stones of that area....More shall me re valed.

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