Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glastonbury Abbey reconstruction model - Museum

After our walk with Peter to check out the allignments in the ley line system of balance we were encouraged to spend time here. Clever displays abounded here. Noticing the marketing energy of places like this might have provided with quotes such as "Grandly constructed to entire the dullest minds to prayer" And "For maintenance of the regular life" heading for how the Somerset waters were drained like the fens near Ely to provide more land for farming. Thus explaining how this was one the "Isle of Avalon". This Abbey Church was noted for its length of 177m (580 ft) making it the longest known monastic church in the country. (size queeens?) Bury St Edmunds, at the other end of the St Michaels line, where my Bixby-Riddlesdale ancestors are from was a mere 174 m (570 ft) Wow, I lot of focused energy to bring these stones together. In the spirit of the green man I wonder, to put balance into the world and Creation? How would I know? I find mother earth and father sky in balance whereever I go. Interesting stories here.

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