Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amy and Jesse Pelican Lake Computer Network Transition

After getting on the storm windows at Melanie and Jim's Pelican Nature Cabin, AKA The Palmer Cabin, Jesse discovered that there is now a linksys router for wifi connection to the cyberworld here at the cabin. Here they are checking things out on line, while I listened to Barack Obama's speech to HRC, the LGBT lobbying group that has done so much to educate Americans on equal rights for ALL Americans. I have had the HRC equal sign on the back of my van for years and am grateful to have a president that asks all Americans to be Christ-like..."to love our neighbors, no exceptions". I wonder if Rev Dobson is focusing on his own family in Colorado Springs, just a thought and will pray for all religious fundementalists, Christian, Moslem who choose not to honor their own lives here on Mother Earth. Thanks Amy and Jess for your kind compassion during this transition. Peace, love joy and beauty.

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