Monday, October 5, 2009

Breakspeare Hospital Hemel Hempsted

Before I left for the UK, I had a want to connect with folks who might want to check out the Master Supplements Probiotics for their work with immune system dysfunction in the UK. Jeff Thurston remembered a Dr Yeoh from Hemel Heampsted UK that attended one of the autism conferences in the US. Thank fully my computer has worked well in the UK and I communicated with Dr Yeoh during the first part of my journey so I could make a visit here on my way to return the car at Heathrow on Tuesday at noon, prior to taking the Tube into London.. This is the hospital where I met several of the medical staff and provided samples of Theralac, Truflora and Enzalase. I am grateful to have been welcomed by Dr Yeoh and her colleagues here.

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