Monday, August 3, 2009

Cathedral Organ Jane Newell, Amy Brown - Jesse Weaver

Amy and Jesse drove to my apartment in St Louis Park Saturday morning where Jane Newell joined us for a breakfast on my porch. Scrambled eggs, fresh fruit were shared for a beginning to a wonderful summer weekend celebration. I had planned the ashes committal ceremony to include other Weaver's from Wisconsin, California, Massachusetts and New York at a time when Pelican Lake vacations might coincide, and due to circumstances well beyond this authors control, other Weaver family members were unable to attend. Here are Jane, Amy and Jesse in front of the organ, that my friend, Greg Larsen, Faribault Class of 1965 and fellow Episcoplian growing up here in the 1960's, was instrumental in restoring. Greg taught at Shattuck with Bob Neslund, the author of histories of the Episcopal educational community in Faribault. It was fun to me, to relive some of my memories with my son, Jesse and share in bringing the boxes of ashed to rest here, where my parents lived from 1939 to 1976.

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