Monday, August 24, 2009

Gila Cliff Dwellings Walk with Becky

After stopping at the visitors center near the Gila River, the river that goes to the Pacific and is on the other side of the Turtle Island Continental Divide, Becky and I shared a fruit, water and sandwich picnic lunch at the trail head. Here is Becky rejoicing climbing up the trail and our ability to be in our young bodies on this trail! I had a lot of gratitude at the visitors center come up for me as I purchased for a mere $10, a lifetime pass (red cactus flowers on the card, to celebrate this trip to the SW) for those US Citizens who have reached the age of 62. I was able to thus cover for Becky (she is so much younger and youthful as you can see) and will be able to treat others for years to some to Federal Sites all over this nation called the United States of America by some. Thanks Becky for your spirited presence and artful eye as we ventured on this day trip from T or C.

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