Friday, August 14, 2009

Union Station Kansas City MO Begin Adventure to Southwest

I drove from St Louis Park to Kansas City through the 90 degree heat and my green pony, 99' Dodge Caravan performed well. Met John Cannon here after I walking across the street from this largely empty grand building. This had been an icon of American Railroad splendor having been build in the nineteen teens and it served as a hub to much of America's travelers, much like airplane city hubs do today. Harry Glessner, my Mom's dad, had sent a postcard from here, during his 1929, trip west while his "Margaret" was a student at Oberlin College and his wife, Inez Chase Glessner lived in their home at 204 Glendale Ave in Findlay Ohio. One of my goals on this trip is to follow the spirit of my a ancestors as they loved to travel the Santa Fe Railroad from Chicago to LA in California. Hope this will be a fun trip down memory lane!

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