Monday, August 3, 2009

Columbarium Rev Henry Doyle, Tom & Jesse Weaver, Amy Brown

After a fun tour of the Cathedral, including the bell tower (we were informed by Russell, the sexton, that due to construction we could not ring the bells today :-( ), we took the small stairs down to the crypt where Bishop Whipple's remains sit. Here, with name plates familiar to my era, Wafler, Onkka, Larsen in the background, Henry and I are reviewing the contacts of Peg and Pete's boxes, along with two empty boxes that are reserved for me and perhaps a partner to join when that time comes. Henry is such a warm hearted man, and very compassionate to share stories with us during this time. He is the chaplain at Shattuck, and later when I drove around town to give the tour of the city, Henry was leaving his home on the campus in his white PT cruiser to make a home visit to Rita Orr who I visited serveral years ago in her home by the Shattuck golf course. Ah, the memories of small town Faribault and its great focus on education and Episcopal history. Thanks Jane for taking the photos. I appreciate having my spiritual sister to witness important events in my life's journey. May the sprits of Peg and Pete continue to rest in peace. Thanks for the memories!

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