Saturday, August 22, 2009

Medicine Wheel - Village of the Shining Stones Abiquiu NM

I arrived at the Village of Shining Stones, an intentional community and healing land, envisioned by Rainbow Hawk and Wind Eagle of the Ehama Foundation. I learned that the first center they co- created was in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California and that many of that community further to the west, followed Grandfather Rainbow Hawk and Grandmother Wind Eagle to this place.
Notice the 8 colors of the medicine wheel, each flag protecting a door into the medicine wheel. At the Launch of the First Peace I attended here from Sunday Aug 16 - Saturday Aug 22, I sat with mostly 64 fellow journey persons of many nations. Here in the center are a few of the youth from Denmark who at this event launched The Discipline of Peace Youth, which is part of the World Wise Peoples Movement Of The Discipline of Peace. Check them out and maybe send a check for Stock in World Peace! Blessings

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