Monday, August 3, 2009

Lunch at Monte's Downtown Faribault - Burgers and More

After a tour of Faribaults east side schools and driving by the family home at 425 SW 3rd St to see "Tatepaha", the windy hill, we stopped at what I knew as the Landkamer Furniture building downtown, across from the Post Office. My parents visited the post office often, with there extensive world stamp correspondence and I remember dad getting Pravda during the cold war and his wondering how the locals looked at him during that time. While reading the menu I was reminded of the Shaft- Pierce Shoe Company as well. The Shafts had owned the Carufel home at 425 SW 3rd and added the sun porch I recall, prior to the Tim Powers Family who then sold it to my parents in 1943. Here are Amy and Jesse enjoying the famous lunch burgers that the locals invited us to try out. And the tap beer was to Jesse's liking. Classic midwest American food, right here in scenic downtown Faribault. Bon appetit! Thanks for Jane, Amy and Jesse's great support on this journey to celebrate the lives of Paul H Weaver and Margaret Weaver through committing some of their ashes at the Cathedral.

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