Saturday, August 22, 2009

South Park Colorado Tom W and George Foster from Silverton

Leaving Denver, I drove up into the mountains, passing Indian Hills where I did my first inipi ceremony back in the early 1980's on my journey on the red road of balance. Passing Bailey, I saw a young man with a banjo case and pack hitching along the road. So flashing back to my 60 and 70's days hitching all over the US, Canada and Mexico, my inner voice said "this will be good" So trusting the process, George Foster, a student at Ft Collins and native of Silverton Colorado, joined me in my green pony. By the time we entered the expanses of the open flatness of South Park, we had talked of music and I played the CD I just recorded of a few Lakota ceremonial songs. So here we are celebrating the real "South Park". Kenny was not to be seen nor Cartman as I remember some of the characters of the South Park series my sons introduced me to "back in the day". Grateful George was willing to join Sandy and Jim Swett of Salida and myself in a lodge near town, before we parted our ways, he west to Silverton and I to Alamosa and then Abiquiu NM. May the blessings be.

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