Monday, August 24, 2009

Pink House Welcome to T or C - Becky and Bicycle

Here is the quintessential southwest artistic home of Becky Speakes, a woman from Minnesota who has fallen in love with the sites, colors and sounds of New Mexico. I met Becky through Steve Wolfe of Minneapolis some 10 years ago, and when I received the vision to attend the First Peace Gathering near Abiquiu, I discovered that Steve had Becky's bike from her youth in Minnesota and that I could carry it on my green pony with my mountain bike. So here is the bike being delivered to the desert southwest and the pink house on Pershing in T or C. I remembered the thread of Gen Pershing from WW I, who was honored at the WWI Freedom and Peace memorial across from the Union Station in KC. My Mom, Peg Weaver had shaken his hand after WW I, the war to end all wars! Today, I hold peace in my heart for my visit to the beauty and sweet energy of T or C, the Hot Springs and the spirits of the mountains. Wopida tonka. Big Gratitude from my heart.

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