Thursday, August 6, 2009

Val Weaver Grosso, Ken Weaver and Madeleine Weaver Grosso Pelican Lake Dancing and Grilling

Here are my niece, nephew and grandniece at the back of the Haeberle-Palmer Cabin, that the three Weaver brothers purchased together in 1967. I drove up to Pelican Nature Cabins on Monday to visit my Weaver relatives who came from the East Coast. I picked up some grass fed beefsteaks, hamburger and bison steaks and bison burger at the Wedge Coop in Minneapolis where I am a member. After talking with Melanie Weaver about her want for whole wheat buns and bread and a vision of eating around 7 PM, I picked up the various foods as my contribution. Upon arrival, I learned that Ken had done the grilling the day before, and here he is with the beef and bison steaks, and some of the beef burgers I put in a marinade of Worcestershire Sauce and shallots an hour or so before they went on. Thanks Ken for your good work! Madeleine, whom I enjoy calling "Miss Maddy" sometimes, and I, did a dance here where we pretended to want to step on each others toes...ah, learning about boundaries and dancing at 2 1/2 and at 62. Fun to reciprocate for me.

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