Thursday, August 6, 2009

Glenwood - Lake Minnewaska Cabin Porch with Harry McLachlin's Family

I drove from Pelican Lake, to Nisswa, Little Falls, west on MN 27 and MN 28 to Sauk Center and then to Glenwood, on a sunny day through the deep green woods and prairies of central Minnesota. I arrived with my bison burger and quickly added some Worchestershire and put 4 on the grill that Harry started. Judy from St Louis MO area and a regular visitor and caretaker of this property, Harry and I were the only carnivores to eat the bison. The next morning here is the group sharing breakfast coffee and fruit, over the Star Tribune and the Polk County Local News. Bill Clinton had just gone to North Korea to bring back two journalists as a headline. From left to right Judy, Marjolein, Dana (Sr in High School), Margaret (Harry's 91 old mom who lives in Alexandria), Harry, Mariella (St Olaf Student) and Daisy and Winston the 2 four leggeds. I am reading Storm's Thunderbolt, the book at my place in preparation for the Teachings of the Discipline of Peace Launch I am attending in New Mexico, sponsored through the Ehama Institude if my green pony carries me well!

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