Saturday, August 22, 2009

Canyon Land Beauty of Abiquiu and Village of the Shining Stones

One vision I had before driving to New Mexico for the Launch of the Discipline of the First Peace teachings, is how my mission of service as an elder, is supported through loving relationships with souls who "do our work". One of the stories that touched me deeply as I learn more about the 8 Universal Principles of Peace, is the one that supports the 8th: Guarding the Spirit Fire. It is about dealing with hardship, depression, loss. It is a Lakota story, and is called David and the 10 sticks of happiness. I am holding this story in my heart to share face to face, around the fire, with those who are willing to learn how to feed their person fire, that brings true happiness. Each begins with "I am learning" The first: "I am learning that I am a most unique, special and beautiful manifestation of Creation." Here on the side of the canyon, I have rested the diamond willow staff I carry as a gift from one of my elder teachers and the heart bag created by another elder teacher that carries the channupa and teaching pipe that was gifted to me after competing my forth sun dance in the 1990's. Peace love joy and beauty on our earth walk!

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