Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ken Glessner Weaver, The Grill Chef - Musings on Haeberle-Foster and Palmer Connections

Here is Ken, watching the steaks and burgers for our evening meal on the front porch. It has been a long family tradition to share stories over food with Pelican Lake and its sandy shores on the southeast side of the lake as a backdrop to our activities. I flash back to visitings the Palmer's here in the 1950's when I would take the small Evenrude motor on the 14' Crestliner down to the "swamp" where there were long sandbars out in the lake, and walk up to their door facing the lake and knock to "say hello" to the Palmers. Wonderful that this cabin, built in 1912 by Haeberle who worked at Shattuck School in Faribault, could be so well used by those who aspire to connect with, and love and respect Nature. Mr Haeberle, I hear died suddenly in the cabin from a heart attack in 1940 and is buried in Brainerd. Somehow the Palmers found out about it. Was it John Foster, an insurance real estate person from Faribault, who platted Sunset Beach, who might have met Palmer at a convention in Indiana? Foster I remember was a Purdue Football guy who coached at Shattuck and perhaps influenced Palmer from Indiana to come here. I wonder about the connections. I flash back on the 80th and 90th birthday parties we created her for Peg Weaver and all those who attended.

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