Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Springs Mandala - Orange Lotus and Hummingbird Medicine

I had a vision to set in the healing waters here, prior to coming to T or C. Becky and friends guided me to one of the "flow through" stream hot baths near the Rio Grande after we returned on our Cliff Trip. After settling in for a 1 hour session, I lit a candle and breathe into my bodily container, and went to a place of deep relaxation and centering. Here on the wall of the 4th room where I was led to cleanse, is a mandala of what I experienced as the orange lotus and the hummingbirds. I smiled in deep gratitude for the many hummingbirds who have been in my presence on this trip. First at the Village of Shining Stores, then so many at the Gila Cliffs Visitors center. Thinking of the medicine wheel and the teaching of the persistence of hummingbird medicine. And the beauty way of the lotus in Buddhist mediation tradition. Pidamiya Wakan Tanka for the many blessings on this beauty way...More shall be revealed in spirit...

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