Monday, August 31, 2009

Gentians on Pelican Nature Cabin Beach

Here is a sign of late summer at Pelican Lake. The bottle gentians and their wonderful purple-blue color showed themselves here on the sandy beach. Over the years, they have become a familiar and beautiful part of the late summer pageant here in the mid Minnesota Lake region our family has connected with since the early 1940's. I so well remember, John and Bern Foster, my parents mentors from Faribault, who sold my parents the 100 ft lot in the 40's, for $250, what was then a considerable sum for a new small town doctor with a growing family. The beauty of energy of the plant nation, were so important to my parents, Peg and her passion for identifying plants, especially fungi That energy is still so much of my passion for being in the natural world.
Enjoy the beauty of mother earth and the growing Creation!

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