Monday, August 3, 2009

Columbarium Rev Henry Doyle, Tom reviewing contents of ashes boxes

This photo, taken by Jane, shows the engraving on the front of the niches, for Paul H and Margaret Weaver in the front, and for other families prominent at the Cathedral during my parents era of being active in the church. Both of my parents sang in the church choir and were friends with the Onkkas and Waflers. Greg Larsen's parents, Helen and Homer, lived just around the corner from our home on the hill in southwest Faribault, called "Tatepaha". windy hill by the Dakota. Here Henry and I are reviewing the service leaflet from the larger ceremony we had in 1992, ten years after my fathers passing. We left some papers with the boxes so future generations might learn something of the times and life of Peg and Pete Weaver. Henry shared that he is from Colorado Springs, and 4 years junior to my friends, Greg Keiffer and Greg Larsen who have worked with him at Shattuck in the past.

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