Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ashes Boxes for Columbarium Cathedral - PH Weaver and MGWeaver

This morning I took this photo on a colorful Pendleton Blanket I received on my trip west to Nebraska and South Dakota for sun dance. Through the artistic work for Mark Mueller-Dahl (wood worker who crafted the boxes, birch for PH Weaver and sycamore for MG Weaver, as was their vision) and Mark Weinberg (wood burning artist who added the symbols of the medical caduceus for dad, and mushrooms for mom) I now have the finished products to go in the niche. In addition, I created two more boxes out of sycamore, in case there is enough room for me and another mystery connection. I am grateful for the example of my parents, who donated their bodies to the University of Minnesota Anatomy Dept and then were cremated after about a year by the U of Minnesota. I have arranged for the same process for myself, whenever I am ready to pass over.
Blessings - Wichoni "in praise of life!"

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