Monday, July 6, 2009

Lougee Lake - Pelican CCC Camp History

Here is the map made by Jeff Shelstad next to Lyle Steffenson, with Jiggs Shelstad behind at the July 3rd gathering dedicated to story sharing around the fire. Thanks to the Shelstad - Westerberg clan for arranging the gathering on the north side of Lougee. Here Lyle, born in 1938 on the north shore of Lougee, shared his memories of swimming across the lake, south of the land, where the CCC Camp was from 1935 - 38 to a resort for a candy bar. He shared how his father, Steve Steffenson, 1900-1968 had built many of the cabins in the area, including two for Bill Paulson, so he could trade for title for his property. According to Jeff S, Sam Lougee "loo -gay" in French carried supplies from Merrifield to Cross Lake and the Whitefish Chain and built a log cabin where Ab Manker used to have his place, mid way on the east. Jim Henderson, author of the book on the Pelican Camp CCC, also shared his journey for 3 some years in writing his book on the history of the land. Fun to connect with fellow lovers of history!

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