Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brewed Awakenings Grand Rapids Bill and Lib Muir

I drove from Walker to Grand Rapids through Remer, a clear crisp 4th of July morning of beauty. When I arrived in GR, I was hoping to find some good coffee and a protein-like breakfast. Ah, and with wifi too. Indeed, I found Brewed Awakenings here on US 2 here in Grand Rapids. So I am sitting here again after a day with the Marshall-Muir clan. Here are Bill and Libby Muir, whom I figure I have known since 1967, at least, when I was a student at Carleton College, when Professor Bill Muir, husband of Libby became my college advisor in the biology department. He was the kind of guy who welcomed students to his home. I remember onion and peanut butter sandwiches in the professors home in Northfield. After Bills death at age 57 (he went blind from his diabetes while I was his student, and later dealt with other effects of the dis-ease) I still stayed in touch with the family, visiting Lib at her home and even Bill at his home in Madison off of Willie Street and now in the country north of town. Thanks Bill and Lib for your warm welcome to Grand Rapids and sharing in your extended family!

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