Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Libby Muir and Peg Weaver Gingko Tree Faribault Home

Here are Libby Muir, widow of Tom's Carleton Botany-Biology Advisor, Professor Bill Muir, and Peg, visiting the home where Peg raised her family from 1943 - 1965, and where she and Pete lived through 1976. Peg wanted to make one last visit here the summer of 2007. I am grateful that we could stop in at Northfield and visit Libby where Peg looked at the chestnut trees growing in the Muir yard on Maple Street. See the size of this tree, Peg and Pete planted this gingko many years ago. They also planted a sycamore which is no longer growing at this site, which was special for both Peg and Pete who are native to Ohio. Greatful for the teaching of the tree nation, the chan oyate! Our standing relatives.. Pidamiya

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