Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tree and Red Bed Rock Captured by Xiaosong - Journey To St Francis SD

Here at Jeffers Petroglyph site is a lone tree that captures the mood and energy of this powerful site. Thanks for Xiaosong's open eyes to look at the red earth of the heartland of Turtle Island and Ina Maka, Mother East. It has been fun to me to notice the enthusiasm he has shown for learning the history of this continent with the eyes of a man from across the Pacific.

Blaine, Coby, Xiaosong and I arrived early morning in St Francis on the Rosebud, prior to going into an inipi ceremony to honor the tree. I have been coming to the Rosebud now since 1990 to honor the earth, ina maki and the teachings of the Lakota Oyate. Thanks for your connection here pengyou Xiaosong, and your sweet and open heart. Thanks too for Coby and Blaine of MKP MN for creating the loving support for this adventure as well.

Sharing food at the wopila, feast after a ceremony with the telling of stories as important for me in making connections. Albert has been such a wonderful teacher and story teller over the years. His work with John Around Him, with the Lakota Ceremonial Songs from the 1980's is a great contribution and well as his scholarly text Reading and Writing the Lakota Language. Pilamiya Lekshi Albert for all your heartfelt loving sharing over the years, for the health and help of the people. Here he is with Fred, our dance fire chief and wife Marlese at the table, with Xiaosong engaged in the stories.

Xiaosong with one of the White Hat horses.

After our inipi, we took some of the prayer flags in the colors of the directions to the sun dance grounds. Thanks for Xiaosong capturing the openness of this site, where some of us come to pray in the third full week of July to honor "all our relations". Xie, xie pengyou Xiaosong for your open spirit. Pilamiya to the Sichangu Lakota Oyate for the continued sharing of the teachings. Mitakuye Oyasin, Wichozani Wo wokiya.

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