Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chinese Culinary Wizardry - Guest Cooking by Steven Xiaosong

Here is Steven, the first guest cook in my St Louis Park apartment kitchen. Jane and I have done some mutual meals off and on since last year. Now it is sweet to have our Chinese brother Steven he to share in his culture and cousine. On the stove, millet congi, fresh boiled peanuts (the fresh boiled Edemame peas were already done!), rice and now tofu for being sauteed. I feel very blessed. After a spontaneous visit to the Boy Scout Center in Golden Valley on Friday, we ventured to other locations for an appropriate garb for Halloween such as the used clothing at thrift stores. While in Hopkins we happened across an Asian Market on Excelsior and Blake where Steve engaged with the clerk in Mandarin while gathering all the accoutrements for real Chinese, vinegar, black mushrooms in clear bags, fresh thin eggplants. More exotic if I only knew the Mandarin names. I flashed on his being the Julia Child of Chinese cooking while he is here. I shared my story about the 3 days I prepared for my 60th Birthday party to share with Peg Weaver and 20+ other souls who joined us in February of 2007 at the Colony at Eden Prairie and how grateful I am to have an expanding circle of friends and family. The Tiospaye continues to grow. Pidamiyayedo. Mitakuye Oyasin!

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