Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eicher's of Miamisburg OH Betty, Billy and Minnie Stupp Eicher ca 1930's

This is a photo of Bill Eichers Aunt Betty, his dad, William Eicher and his grandmother Minnie Stupp Eicher, wife of Charles.
Bill and I sat in his home in N Lakeland FL area and looked at a box of old photos and diplomas related to his aunt, Betty, born in 1913, Ethyl Elizabeth Eicher, in Miamisburg, 14 years before William H Eicher, Billy was born in Feb 1927. Here with their Mom, Minnie, at the Charles Eicher home in Miamisburg. This is a time for me to get clear on the chronology of the relationship of the only other LGBTQ person I have discovered within my own family tree. And very healing for me to learn more of their story. Thanks Bill Sr and Jr for sharing your archives and stories with me. Tom Weaver, second cousin to William and Betty Eicher. My grandmother Edna Helena Eicher and Bills grandfather, Charles Eicher were sister and brother.

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