Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Petroglyph - The Chief Who Lost his Arm Story

The light later in the day was quite wonderful for capturing the details of the rock carvings here. The traditional story of how a selfish chief lost his arm when he refused to participate in the Spring rituals and the thunderbeings stole it and hid it. As the story is told here, a wise young man won the love of the chief by getting the help of the spirits and tricking the thunderbeings.
To me, the level of astrological understanding by these ancient peoples for story telling is very inspiring. Thanks to Creator, tunkashila for illuminating these stories on the rocks in a good way. Thanks for the participation of the elders in supporting the Minnesota History Center people in creating this wonderful portal to visit this spiritual connection to the Inyan, tunka oyate.
Pidamiyayedo. I am in the condition of deep gratitude.

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