Sunday, November 8, 2009

Schmidts Meat Market Nicollet MN Coby, Steve X, Blaine

Each month, there is a traditional Lakota tree ceremony sponsored by my friends on the Rosebud Reservation some 9 hours to the west of the Twin Cities, to honor the tree relative that will be standing in the center of the altar for life at the annual Hollow Horn Bear Sundance. I have attended this recreation of the world ceremony since 1990, the second year of the vision shared by medicine people, such as Joe Eagle Elk and Rudy Runs Above who have sense passed over into the spirit world. For those who know my soul and have shared in my journey of rebirth and recovery and re-memberment in this world, they know how much learning the D/Lakota way of life has influenced me and those I love. Pidamiya yedo...thanks a lot for all those who have been and continue to be my teachers. Long ago, as I traveled to and from Rosebud, I learned to stop, have fun and enjoy the journey. Here is a spot I discovered a while back that has great Minnesota made treats and well as some exotic imports to enjoy. Here we picked up sausage, jerky, chatted with the locals and shoppers. Three of the wonderful men with whom I shared this 2 day journey and with whom I am deepening my understanding are: Steve "Coby" Cobian, Xiaosong "Steve" Liu and Blaine McCutcheon - a sandwich of two Minnesotans containing a Tianjin China Native in the lower photo. oThe first photo was taken by Xiaosong. Thanks for the great connections!

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