Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jeffers Petroglyphs Xiaosong Welcome

Here is my new friend, Kola - Koda from China, Xiaosong, who was most open and willing to join Blaine, Coby and I on our trip to the Rosebud for a tree inipi ceremony. I liked the ease with which we traveled and shared stories on the way west.
For me, this site is the ancient backbone of Minnesota where the exposed Sioux Quarzite is exposed on this wind blown ridge, and peoples from as far back as 15,000 years ago, created a story on this stone. We arrived late in the afternoon and the place was empty. On the rocks: The atlatl is featured that was used to hunt by locals who likely hunted large elephant like creatures during the glacial times, prior to the warm up and the beginning of the prairie ecosystem later dominated by the buffalo. I find this place very grounding to the heartland of Turtle Island, named America by some cultures after some Italian I think, Americus Vespucci.

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