Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jupiter Lighthouse - Volunteer Servant on the East Coast Jupiter Inlet. -

Here I am for my first I phone photo, as my Canon decided to have a lens issue. Grateful for Patty Strunk who could walk me through learning about the I phone application at a watering hole just across the inlet where we were sitting with Harry Strunk from the Key Largo area, and Ed Sasso and Heather Neville who live in Jupiter. See, for more history!

Thanks for Xiaosong in leading me to find this sea blue T shirt on the Goodwill Store in Minneapolis on S Nicollet. What a great $.99 bargain and in 2 XL. I am so grateful to Creator for XL. Thanks Xiaosong Liu for your shining light! Xie Xie 谢谢 :-)

THanks for Ed's support in learning more about the area and the local community in a good way. At this location I learned about the oldest brewery in the US, that I had heard about, since the Schell Brewery in New Ulm MN is the second oldest family brewery. The name looks more Chinese as Yeuegling and then it makes sense as the orginal German was Juengling as learned on:
"The German brewer David G. Jüngling immigrated to the United States in 1823 from Aldingen in the Kingdom of Württemberg. He anglicized his surname from Jüngling to Yuengling and began the "Eagle Brewery" on Center Street in Pottsville in 1829. His eldest son, David, Jr., left the Eagle Brewery to establish the James River Steam Brewery along the James River in Richmond, Virginia"
Always like to learn about the stories of the German ancestors. My Weaver anglicised from Weber came from Baden Wurttemburg in 1751 to the Pine Grove Twp area of Skulykill County PA. So the brewing tradition of the German Volk still is passed on.

Here I am at Amazon Herb Warehouse where the corporate headquarters used to be prior to the Zamu years. Ed and I picked up some Treaure Tea and Warrior here after we got the tour of the new executive offices in Jupiter. Cheers

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