Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lakeland Florida Eicher Family History -Sharing with Cousin Bill Eicher

Bill Eicher and I first met at the big cemetery, Woodland, the highest hill in Dayton Ohio after his dad passed over in Florida back in March of 2006. His father, William H Eicher, b Feb 16 1927, was a family connection I began to reconnect with after Sue and I visited Steinwenden Germany in the late 1970's to visit the land of our German Eicher ancestors. Bill had contracted a man, Roland Paul in Kaiserslautern to trace back the family roots and generously send the work to his first cousin Paul Henry Weaver, my dad after his trip to Steinwenden in 1977. After regular Christmas communications, Susan, Nathan and I visit his home in Kettering, suburban Dayton on our way to Vermont in 1984. While driving the roads of Montgomery County, West Carrollton, Ellerton and Miamisburg and as I told him my coming out story, he mentioned, "It must be genetic, my sister, Betty, has lived with a woman since she left Ohio State, and they moved to Lakeland, Florida together years ago." I felt such a great relief back then.
So here is Bill Sr's son, Bill of Florida, who lived with his mom in Ft Lauderdale area in S Florida, until he moved up to Lakeland where he met Shiela, his wife who is from the area. Grateful Bill could take out the archives so I could begin to make photos. even with only my I Phone. Thanks Bill!

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