Monday, February 2, 2009

Young Paul Henry Weaver reading the funnies.

Noah Elwood Weaver's variety of candid photos in his home and in the environs of the Greater Miami River Valley continues to be an inspiration to me. I was wondering how easy it was for a young tyke to fasten his shoes. Before velcro. Looks like a upright piano out of focus in the background.


  1. These beautiful sepia photos are a wonder. Thanks to Noah,eh? They look like prize winners. Have they been published anywhere? You should make a book out of them for your personal use, to hand down to your sons which would be passed on to their children, and theirs. I bet you are thinking about it.

  2. Yes, I have been thinking about it. Thanks Linda. As I live by myself and have no excuse and I am working on living a long balanced life. Now training in Rosen Method Body Work that I might take to barter and be with internationally. Its a vision I have and One Day at a time....perhaps a reality. Kind regards in Mexico Senora.