Monday, February 2, 2009

Weaver Home West Carrollton Ohio 321 East Main St

Paul Henry Weaver, only child born to Edna Eicher Weaver and Noah Elwood Weaver was born in a rented home on Main Street Dec 24, 1910. Elwood purchased a home at 321 E Main in this line of homes soon there after, and his was the home I visited when I made the trek to Ohio in the 1950's. First at age five in an airplane, flying from Wold Chamberlin Field in Minnesota to Chicago then to Toledo where Harry and Inez Glessner, my mom parents picked us up. Then when I was 12 I remember riding back to Ohio with my Glessner grandparents in their car, and on other trip, I remember taking the train from St Paul down to Chicago and then to Ohio. Each time I would spend part of my time in Findlay, at the Glessner home on Glendale Ave and part time in West Carrollton. Elwood parked a big black Cadillac in this small garage and it was first time I saw automatic windows! He would drive to Ft Ancient and Miamisburg Mound, both exotic ancient American Indian artifacts that fascinated him and his youngest grandson.

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