Monday, February 2, 2009

Elwood Weaver's rural photos - Courting Edna Eicher-

Edna Eicher is the tall woman on the right, likely on a Sunday walk on the George Eicher Farm, Miami Twp. This stream is now the glen at Cox Arboretum and mostly reforested. Note split rail fence in background. The stream travels under I 75, and has a culvert big enough to walk through, which I did with the Cox naturalist a few years back when I wrote and article for their newsletter with three of Elwood’s photos. I had a chance to work with the archivist, a naturalist and the director of Cox and I recommend the walk to the forested glen. Many large oaks are still there, remindful of the resilience of the Eicher family, like Franz, who walked across France in 1833 with his family, from Steinwenden, Pfalz (then part of the Bavarian Kings realm), to Le Havre, where they took a 3 mast ship to Baltimore MD. After staying with a relative in Hagerstown for a couple of years, Franz wrote of how he walked the National Pike to the Miami River Valley. He was likely an undocumented worker, as he became a naturalized citizen in 1840 as shown the document added below. He married a Bohlander in the Over the Rhein area of Cincinnati in 1843 and then settled in Montgomery Township.

 Walk on the creek bed, George Eicher farm ca 1905.
Spring gathering with Flowering Dogwood- L -R,  Noah Elwood Weaver,____, Edna Eicher sitting, Charles Eicher, and ________??  Farm and woodlands around West Carrollton OH, Miami Twp, from Photo of Noah Elwood Weaver

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