Monday, February 23, 2009

Artie's Deli Feb 22 Breakfast Pickles. Potato Pancakes, Lox Omelets

What better way to celebrate George Washingtons birthday than a walk to Arties Deli at 83rd and Broadway. Here are Melanie Brick Weaver, my sister in law from Sudbury MA, and Chris Grosso father of Madeleine Weaver Grosso my 2 year old grandneice, and Val Grosso, Val Weaver Grosso being my neice who teaches microbiology at Manhattan College in the Bronx. After two days of talking about our friends of intestinal fortitude at the Integrative Health Gathering at the Hilton in midtown, Lactobaccilli and Bifidobacteria, we started off this uptown feast, with traditional pickled cucs, peppers and tomato's and cole slaw (auf Deutsch kohl is cabbage) then some traditional fare, potato pancakes with apple sauce. My protein desires were fullfilled with a lox omelet. Wow, what a great way to celebrate real food. Then came the visit to Zabar's down the street. Wait for my next posting! Leb wohl! Best of health to you.

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