Monday, February 2, 2009

Indian Lake Weaver-Eicher Family Fishing Excursion - Binkly Cabin "Bink" Boat, Jacob Krietzer, farm laborer.

Page 35 NEW 1909-1916 Black Album. Indian Lake Aug 1915, with Edna Helena Eicher Weaver, Paul Henry Weaver, Henry Eicher, with "Bink" rowboat.   The Eicher Farm and Henry Eicher land were located in Miami Twp and a S & J Binkly were listed as   owners of a 111 acre farm Sect 15 Miami Twp near the F Eicher 102 acre farm. in 1885.  (See map below)

Cropped photo without Jacob, hired farm worker as first posted  "Indian Lake Fishing Excursion with a young Paul Henry – Noah Elwood Weaver, Edna Weaver, Paul Henry Weaver, Henry Eicher, William Weaver, Harriet “Hattie” Weaver . William continued to farm the Weaver 110 acres above Miamisburg and was the last of the family to do so. His mother Hattie (1856-1952) continued to live with him after his father Noah (1835 -1929) died. Henry Eicher lived in his house with a few chickens and a garden along the Alexandersville Pike East of West Carrollton, with his second daughter, Esther. His first daughter Edna and her husband Elwood lived in West Carrollton where he worked in the envelope factory and later as a accountant-comptroller for different businesses in the valley. Charles Eicher, Henry's only son, lived in Miamisburg where he raised his daughter Elizabeth "Betty" and his son William "Billy" Eicher.

Page 35 NEW 1909-1916 Black Album, full photo, 1915 with Jacob Kreitzer, farm laborer, NEW, Edna E Weaver, Paul Henry Weaver, Henry Eicher, William Weaver with fish, Hattie Weaver

Miami Township, Montgomery Co. 1885 showing Binkly and Eicher farms. 

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