Sunday, February 1, 2009

Starting the Blogging Journey - Wild Herbal Foods

I was inspired by Linda Youcha, who moved to Mexico a while back and began a Google blog, to begin this blog to share part of my journey. This past week, I decided to learn more about some Wild Plant Food from the Amazon Rain Forest, as envisioned by the folks at Amazon Herb Company. As a little background, I met the Founder and CEO, John Easterling over four years ago in Davenport Iowa, home of the Palmer School of Chiropractic where he and some Midwest Amazon Herb Ambassadors, including Maryann Hesse , Lynn Mayfield and Ron Bond shared their powerful healing stories. It was then I decided to begin eating the 5 core products developed by naturopaths from four different countries to support human body systems. In addition to the (1) Shipbo Treasure Tea (and Una de Gato) I had began eating during the winter cold season, after picking up some of the Treasure Tea from Ted Harrison, a friend and elder from the ManKind Project, I started with the other four core products: (2) Fiberzon "intestinal broom", (3) Illumination "multiple herb nutritional suppliment", (4) Sumacazon "adaptogenic endocrine balancer from two ginseng like plants from South America, suma and maca", and (5) Aquazon "blue green and marine fucus nutrition." I now began a journey of inner health, with plants, that Cleanse, Nurture and Balance Body Systems". So here I am with Randy Peck of Northfield and Carleton College, who was recently honored in the The Carletonian, Jan 16, FEATURE, Page 8, Making a LIst and Peckin' It Twice, where you can read about his moonlighting as Santa Claus. Together we sampled Treasure Tea and invited folks to the Zamu tasting at the Ramada Mall of America, Weds Nite, Feb 11. Go to my site. and click on ZAMU TOUR to register for the free tasting. When I have been sampling it, I find it mellows my "pop corn" like emotional field to be just mellow! Be well. More shall be revealed.

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