Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmases 1919 Paul Henry age 9 - Also 1922 Tree 321 Main Street West Carrollton

For me, the resolution of this photo that allows me to read the titles and see the details is very remarkable. At age 9, my father, Paul Henry Weaver reflects on the books and toys of the day. I am so grateful for the care and detail that Granddad Elwood demonstrated as a father of 34 years of age in 1919.  

Here is the home in 1922, with the tree in a different location.  I am grateful for Terry Neuberg at the West Carrollton OH Historical Society for inquiring about the photos Noah Elwood took with his large negative format camera when my father was a boy.   Not only is there a photo for 1919 indicated and there is one labeled 1922.  I will attempt to list what I see here, as it is an interesting view of life in OHIO nearly a Century Ago! 

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