Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glessner-Weaver Union of Families 1935

This the backyard photo at the Glessner home in Findlay, Ohio, likely staged my Noah Elwood Weaver my photographer granddad. Pictured
Noah Elwood Weaver, father of the groom, Margaret “Peg” Glessner, the bride, Paul H “Pete” Weaver, the groom, Leonard Cowles Glessner, Esther Emma Eicher (Aunt of PHW), Inez Chase Glessner & Harry Chappelear Glessner,parents of the bride, Mary Eleanor Glessner (Aunt of MMG) and Edna Helena Eicher Weaver, mother of the groom.
Day of the wedding Sept 1935, Glessner Home, 204 Glendale Ave S, Findlay. Len Glessner, white in front was the patriarch of the Glessner family. He had gone west to own three newspapers, Farmers City IL, Carlinville IL, and Sedalia MO, until the gas and oil boom of 1887 brought him back to work with his father Lewis Glessner in the Hancock Courier business. He later began to produce Dr Drakes Cough Medicine in his home and later founded the Glessner Medicine Company that manufactured a line of patent medicine products at their factory on E Sandusky Ave in downtown Findlay. Inez Chase Glessner bride of son Harry is to his left holding his arm, while the bride and groom are two his right.

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