Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding Sept 1935 of Paul H Weaver-Margaret Mary Glessner

Paul H "Pete" Weaver and Margaret "Peg" Weaver were married in Sept 1935 at the downtown Presbyterian Church in Findlay Ohio. Photo by NEW in Glessner backyard. Peg always was grateful it was an open church wedding and they decorated the altar with fall flowers and foliage. They had met in Columbus Ohio, on a blind date for an orchestra concert. They had interests in music and the out of doors. Peg had graduated from Oberlin College in 1932, worked in Delaware at Ohio Wesleyan for room and board as the assistant to the Dean of Women and then moved to Columbus where she worked for the state YMCA office and later got a civil service job at OSU during the Great Depression. Having sung in High School Gilbert and Sullivan, the Oberlin Women's Glee Club, she soloed for the Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus and preformed a solo at the Chicago worlds fair. Pete studied at Antioch for three years, and after he had his appendix removed in the Xenia hospital, he was clear he wanted to be a medical doctor and transferred to Ohio State. There he met Peg, and after marriage they lived on High Street in a upstairs apartment. Graduating with his BS and MD in 1938, he found an internship at Swedish Hospital, Minneapolis MN and they moved to the Loring Park area, Vine Hall on LaSalle Ave for a year, until he found a practice in the town of Faribault MN in 1939.

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